The Windows XP Temporary Internet Files Folder

If you prefer not to use the delete Cookies Button in the Internet Options, here are instructions for locating the Temporary Internet Files Folder in Windows XP and removing Cookies from it.

1. Select and open My Computer.
2. Select and open the C Drive.
3. Select and open Documents and Settings.
4. Select and open your identity. Note: We can't be more specific here as it will depend on how your computer was set up. Usually it will have your name in it.
5. Select and open Local Settings.
6. Select and open Temporary Internet Files Folder.

At this point you are ready to begin selecting and deleting Cookies. There are several ways to do this, one is described below.

First: Select the first Cookie you wish to delete.
Next: Press the Control key and keep it down until finished. Use the arrow keys to move from Cookie to Cookie. Tap the Space Bar to select each one you wish to delete. Finally: When you've selected all you wish to delete, release the Control Key and press Delete. You will need to press the Space Bar on Yes to approve the operation.
You are now finished and ready to exit the Folder.
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Updated on ... August 26, 2010