Creating E-Mail Groups in Outlook Express

How To Create E-Mail Groups in Outlook Express

If you regularly send messages to groups of people, you may simplify the task, by taking the following steps.

1. With Outlook Express open press the Alt and T key at the same time. This will place you in the Tools Menu.
2 Use the Arrow Keys to choose the Address Book and press Enter.
3. When the Address Book is open press the Alt key and arrow to New Group and press Enter.
4. You will be placed in an Edit Box where you can type in the group name.
5. After typing in the group name Tab once to the Select Button and press Enter.
6. Now Tab to the Find Button and use the Down Arrow key to select the contact list.

7. Now Tab once. It will say, "T equals Select" and there will be a list of names. Select your first name with the arrow keys or by tapping the first letter of the name until it appears.

8 Now press the Alt and T key at the same time to select the name.
9 Choose the next name by repeating step 7.

10 Repeat step 8 to select the name. Repeat step 7 and 8 until you have selected all the names you want.

11 After selecting the names, Tab until you find the list of names you have chosen to put in your group. Verify that you have all the names you need.

12 Now Tab to the Ok button and press Enter. Next Tab back to the Ok button and press Enter again.

13. Now close the Address Book.

14. The next time you want to send messages to these people, use your Address book in the normal manner, with this difference. When you reach the field where you would normally select the persons name, choose the group name instead and finish normally. When you're returned to the To line the group name will be displayed. When you send the message it will be sent to everyone in that group.

You may easily add or remove names from existing groups in the following manner.

1. From the In Box Tab to the Contact List, select the group name you wish to change.

2. Press the Context Menu or Applications key, depending on which screen reader you use, arrow to Properties and press Enter.

3. To remove a name, Tab to the list of names of people in the group and select the name to be removed.

4 Press Alt-V and the name is removed. To remove additional names repeat steps three and four until all the names you wish to take out are gone.

To Add additional names follow steps 5,6,7 and 8 in the creating e-mail lists part, simply eliminate the typing in the group name part.

No matter whether you're adding or removing nnames, be sure to follow step 12 in the main part.

If you wish to have the BCC field displayed, follow these steps.
1. Open a new message.
2. Press Alt-V.
3. Up arrow to show all headers and press Enter.
The BCC field will show in all your messages now.

You may hide the list of group names, by putting your own name in the To Field. Than put the group name in the BCC field. Only your name will show. This avoids giving out peoples addresses.

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Updated on ... August 26, 2010